This Nepali calendar is a collection of more than 100 years of calendar with english dates (A.D) (Gregorian calendar) on it, which include all the events and festivals. There are many events in the Nepali calendar with each month having a special religious ritual assigned to it like Dashain, Tihar, Buddha jayanti, Holi and many others with tithi's.

Nepali Calendar

सहृदयी मित्रहरू ! नेपाली पात्रोलाई शुद्ध र तिथि–मिति सही रुपमा खुल्ने एवं सरल बनाउन तपाईंहरूको अमूल्य सुझाव–सल्लाहको सदा स्वागत गर्दछु । नेपाली-पात्रो लाई उत्कृष्ट बनाउन तपाईंका अमुल्य प्रतिकृया र सुझावहरु को हामीलाई जहिले पनि खाँचो परिरहन्छ।यसको लागि विवरण सहित लेखी सहयोगको अपेक्षा राख्दछु ।

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Basic idea to Navigate Nepali Calendar are simple as follows: 1> To view the the entire month for certain year, you can just select year form brop down on left. 2> To see detial calendar for any month, just hover the mouse on month and click or click on view for current month. 3> To see current year and month from any where just click on "Today" in middle of navigation bar. Is that simple.

Nepali Calendar (विक्रम सम्वत्) is the calendar established by emperor Vikramaditya. It uses lunar months and solar sidereal year. It is the official calendar of Nepal, also termed Bikram Sambat.  there has been a growing debate on using Nepal Sambat as the national calendar in Nepal. On 25 October 2011, the government decided to bring Nepal Sambat into use as the country's national calendar, and formed a taskforce to make recommendations on its implementation.

Nepali Calendar is online traditional Lunar Calendar / Bikram Sambat Calendar. This calendar helps to keep track of important festivals, events and dates. Nepali calendar starts with the month of Baishak and marks the beginning of the solar New Year. The last month of BS calendar is Chaitra. Bikram Sambat calendar is also called Patro. However actual Patro is the lunar calendar with Hindu Tithis and Mithis in it.